My Favorite CMS

Having experimeted with most of the open source (free) software available today I have narrowed my favorite CMS (Content Management System) to 3:

  • WordPress
  • Concrete5
  • Pluck

I based my choices primarily on ease of use and expandability as my design philosophy is to provide functional, attractive websites that are easily client maintained.   With that in mine here is a brief summary of my recommendations for the use of the above CMS. 

WordPress:  Although originally created as a blogging platform – I am including it as a CMS, since with proper use of a static front page and logical use of Pages and Posts easily creates a dynamic CMS website.  WordPress has an active community contributing themes, plugins and other improvements to the platform on a daily basis and an intuitive admin dashboard that is easily learned and easily expanded.  With very little effort WordPress can produce a functional, custom,  dynamic website that is highly expandable and can be easily updated, upgraded and maintained.   

Concrete5:  A newer CMS produces easily managed and updated websites.  Users can choose to update through the admin center or simply through the front end of the website.  This is a very promising system – only drawbacks are fewer available themes and plugins – although for most sites it is already very capable.  Front end editing is extremely intuitive and results are visualized immediately.  Concrete5 produces functional and attractive more traditional websites that are easily updated and maintained.

Pluck:  The absolute easiest system I found.  Simple back end that can be accessed through the front end of the site.  Allows for a traditional site that can include a blog, photo album and built in contact form.  Good variety of themes available however very little expansion abilities at this time.  Produces a functional and attractive basic website that is very easy to update and maintain.

I’ll look into each of these platforms in more depth another time…

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