How to Install WordPress Plugins

Searching, installing and updating plugins in WordPress is easy and can be done right from your WordPress dashboard.

First click the Plugins Tab in the dashboard left column.  You will be brought to the Manage Plugins screen.  This screen shows what plugins you have installed, what plugins are available to be activated and a link at the bottom to Get More Plugins.

Manage Plugins Screen (top)
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Manage Plugins Screen (bottom)


Click the link [ Plugin Browser/Installer ] this will take you to a screen where you can search for a plugin by name, function or tag.  

Install Plugins Screen


Enter your plugin name, search terms or click one of the tags at the bottom to begin your search.  In this example I searched by name:  Contact Form 7.   You will be brought to a screen showing the results of your search and available plugins in that category etc.

Search Results Screen

Choose the plugin you want and you will be brought to a overlay screen containing the plugins info and an orange button at the top right [Install Plugin]. 

Plugin Description Overlay Screen


If after reading about the plugin you are satisfied that it will meet your needs click the install button.  WordPress automatically uploads and installs the plugins – when uploaded you will be asked whether you want to activate the plugin.  If you want to use the plugin immediately click activate – if you want it for the future – don’t activate and it  will be added to your list of deactivated plugins.

That’s all there is to it – you now have installed a wordpress plugin.

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