What is Concrete 5

Concrete5 is flexible website building software, stored online – allowing updates from any computer with Internet access.   Concrete5’s uses a block-based structuregiving ie:  a block of text, followed by a poll block, followed by an image block etc.   Concrete5 is unique as it was designed to allow for in-context editing –  a site owner can visit the page they want to update, sign in on that page and then make whatever updates needed without ever visiting the admin center.  Concrete 5 uses themes that can be switched to change the entire “look” of the site and has an intuitive administration center. 

The only drawbacks at this time are fewer available themes and addons, however I believe this will change in time due to a very active development community.  Additionally, if you have a working knowledge of html and php Concrete5.org has several tutorials on how to port a design to the Concrete5 platform. 

Concrete5 is certainly a content management system worth considering for website development.

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