What are Content Management Systems?

What is a CMS?

A content management system is software developed to manage a website,  that is designed and developed for easy use by the website owner – not just web designers.

CMS is generally installed online (this may be done by a web designer during the initial website setup), can be used from any computer with internet access and is a simple way of updating website content.  

Much like your favorite wordprocessing program you type in and format your content then save or publish and your content is now updated on your site.

Most of the technical aspects of website management are automatic or very easy with a CMS – adding and deleting pages or changing the site organization are usually accomplished by just clicking a tab.  The CMS will automatically apply the same page appearance and layout throughout the site or make it very simple to change layouts for a specific page if needed.  Pages are automatically added or deleted from menus etc. taking the hassle out of link management and navigation.  Basically, all those technical and time consuming tasks are handled by the CMS allowing you to concentrate on the most important aspect of your site – it’s content.

Although, the initial CMS and website design may still require a web designer depending on the complexity – once your site’s layout and appearance are setup it is not necessary to keep a web designer on payroll.  Multiple people can update the site and you can specify what they can and cannot do – therefore your website management is not controlled by any one person unless that is what you want.  Updates can be done from any computer with internet access – your site can be updated anytime of day and can reflect changes immediately – insuring the most current information is available to your customers or members.

A CMS – just makes cents!

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