WordPress Plugin Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is probably the easiest and most versatile contact form plugin that I’ve used.  Right out of the box with absolutely no tweaks you are given a basic contact form (see this site’s contact page for example).  Simple copy the code,  create a new page, paste the code and publish and you have a basic contact us page with a form users can fill out and send messages which are automatically sent to the email you have designated in your wordpress settings.

Contact Form 7 Admin Screen
(click to enlarge)


Contact Form 7 can be expanded to create extensive and complex forms that include drop-down menus, radio buttons, check boxes and file upload capability etc.   Basically, any type of information that you want or need to collect can be accommodated.

Creating the code for additional information fields is as simple  as clicking the generate tag (right side of screen) choosing the type of information, naming the field and clicking submit – then copy generated code and paste into your form – that’s it!   Additions to an existing form will be automatically updated on the page the form code has been placed – so no need to update your contact page – just update the contact form.  To add a new form click “add new” then customize the basic form code that is generated to meet your needs,  create a new page or post – copy and paste form code and you’re done.

As I said before – easy and versatile.

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